Do you have multi-car trailers?

Not at this time. Our current client base enjoys the personalized attention they receive while we move only their vehicle. There are un-avoidable problems when using multi-car trailers such as having to shuffle cars in and out of the trailer while making multiple deliveries. There is some risk of fluids dripping on your car or damage caused by drop cloths placed on your car.

What makes Benchmark different?

It’s similar to the difference between flying Coach and First Class. With Benchmark Transport you will receive personal attention from your transport professional; your automobile is his only concern while it’s in his possession. He’ll even wipe down your automobile with high quality detail products upon delivery.

How do you load the cars & what if my car doesn’t drive?

We don’t drive cars into the trailer, all vehicles are loaded with the assistance of remotely controlled winches thereby eliminating the possibility of door dings and stepping on your seats while climbing out of your car. Then all vehicles are secured in place using only high quality synthetic web straps, no chains and hooks.

Do you inspect the cars you transport?

Prior to loading, we ask that you join our vehicle transport professional while he performs a walk around inspection of the vehicle and documents any damage. Upon delivery he will repeat this task with the person receiving your car.

Is my car insured while in your trailer?

Yes it is, our insurance policy includes up to $500,000 on-hook coverage.

What if my car is worth more than $500,000?

Please contact us and we will try to arrange for the additional coverage through our insurance provider.

Do you haul cars to shows?

Yes, we have transported special cars to local car shows, the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Grand National Roadster Show, Sacramento Autorama and SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

What about last minute moves?

We would appreciate as much lead time as possible. We understand that things don’t always happen as scheduled; therefore we will make every effort to accommodate your needs and schedule.

How much do you charge?

Like in all service industries, our prices vary due to many circumstances. Please use the “request a quote” feature on this website or if you prefer, call us at (805) 732-3056 to receive your personalized price quote.

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